In a joint effort to provide quality education for our students, support from parents, friends, families, and businesses help us in achieving our goals. Your charitableness is not only greatly appreciated, but it is also a vital element which ensures that the school's existence continues. Additionally, the generosity of our friends in the community will provide the means to continually improve our facilities for the benefit of future students who attend Jersey Christian School. If you are interested in financially partnering with Jersey Christian School in an effort to provide the best for our students, there are several opportunities available.
Gifts of Cash
Cash gifts are deductible for federal income tax purposes, up to a limit of 50% of your AGI, if you itemize deductions. Where cash gifts exceed this limit, the excess may be carried over up to five years.

Corporate Sponsorship
Companies that believe in Jersey Christian School’s ministry and recognize the impact it has on our community can partner with us by donating materials needed for various projects or by electing to make a monthly pledge.

Jersey Christian School is a ministry of the Jersey Holiness Church, Inc. As such, annual charitable contribution statements will be distributed by Jersey Holiness Church, Inc. Deductibility for tax purposes varies by the type and amount of deduction. Contact your attorney or tax advisor for specific information.