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Jersey Holiness Church, Inc., (founded in 1910) located in Jersey, Ga, agreed to open Jersey Christian School in 1980 to train young people academically and in the principles of God’s Word in an environment void of secular humanism. From its humble beginnings in the basement of the church, Jersey Christian School's student body grew and the school, in its current location, was built in 1981. Through the years, Jersey Christian School has operated under the commitment to educate children with Godly principles as well as the academics needed to function in society. Intending to maintain the highest academic standards, the school sought accreditation and successfully obtained the fully accredited status with the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) in 2008: a status currently held by the school.
Jersey Christian School uses the A Beka curriculum for its K4 through 12th grade program. Students successfully completing the K5 program will do so with the ability to read and sound out words. Those students who successfully complete the K5 program of Jersey Christian School will be well prepared to function and perform adequately in the first grade program. Students transferring from a kindergarten other than Jersey Christian School may be tested to determine if the student is prepared to enter and perform on the proper grade level. Students are tested annually in the spring using nationally standardized tests.